Russ Jones, President

Russ Jones is a graduate of Auburn University’s Building Construction program. He also has an Associate’s Degree in Drafting and a minor in Business. Upon graduation, he was brought in as a partner at Jones, Wright, and Graben, Inc. Although the company was already doing well, he played a key role in the success of the company. Along with his experience and knowledge of the business, he brought with him his determination, positive outlook, and his ability to always “just know” what the customer wants. In 2013, Jones bought out his partner and on January 1, 2014, it was renamed Jones Contracting, Inc.

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Exceeding Expectations

Jones Contracting, Inc. leads the industry in design - build and metal buildings. We believe that anyone can build a building, but only we can build a future for our customers. Our goal at Jones Contracting, Inc. is to maintain small business relationships with even our biggest clients.



At Jones Contracting, Inc. we strive to provide quality service by focusing on excellent customer service, expert workmanship, and competitive prices.


We believe we meet these high standards by having a true understanding of the customers' needs. We strive to provide exceptional value to our customers.


Jones Contracting’s goal is to be a recognized leader in the construction industry by maintaining a standard of quality, honesty, and professionalism.